If you are looking for Fontana car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, advice about tax-deductible insurance, or even business tax services, Red Line Insurance Services is worth your consideration for a variety of reasons. With ten years of experience in the insurance industry backing us, we’ve been offering California residents the chance to take advantage of getting our lowest-rate guarantee. We will beat or match any competitors rate, which guarantees you the most affordable price with every policy we write. No matter your walk of life or what your specific financial circumstances are at the moment, we can work with you to formulate a strategy that won’t cut your financial legs off. We make sure you, your family, and your assets are secure without flipping your world upside down.

In today’s post, we wanted to take a few moments to let people who were once like you have a chance to talk about the way we do business at Red Line Insurance of Fontana, California. We figured that we could only sing our own praises so much without giving other folks a turn or two! But before we begin, we’d like to take a moment to explain why our reputation matters so much to us.

Our Reputation

Online reviews and overall reputation matter more than they ever have. People can scarcely go to a new restaurant without reading a minimum of fifteen reviews on the place. So when it comes to more serious life decisions, it follows that people will want to make sure they are working with a reputable local insurance company. That’s why we’d like to take the time to highlight a few of our favorite recent testimonials and reviews. We understand that for someone to leave us some kind words and five stars, we did something right. We’d like you, our prospective customer, to read about it.

Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about our Fontana insurance agency!

They Make Me Feel Like Family And Overall I’m A Very Happy Customer”

“I was referred by my brother, and I’m so happy I chose to come in.  I met up with Carlos and he got me exactly what I needed as far as auto insurance. I love how great this place is when it comes to finding the lowest prices in town. Every time I have questions or concerns I call in and someone is always available to help. They make me feel like family and overall I’m a very happy customer. Thank you so much guys!!” – Jasmine R. Five Stars, Google Reviews

Jasmine, thanks so much for taking the time to let us know how we are doing. Appreciate your business as well, of course, but we especially appreciate you shining the spotlight on how we go about our business. We are a part of the Fontana community, which means we treat our clients like we would our neighbors or family. That’s a huge reason we got into this industry in the first place – we love helping people get secure and effective insurance coverage!

“I Totally Recommend This Place And He Made It Easy”

“Because of my driving record, Adrianna’s insurance charged me over 400$… I was close to giving up finding new insurance because now needed two full coverage on two vehicles.  But the gentleman that works here- Carlos- gave me a call. And I was like OK, what…. To sum it up, he gave me a better down payment, and affordable monthly. Way cheaper than Adrianna’s. So sad I spent that 450 =(( So I totally recommend this place and he made it easy, everything over the phone =) because I live in Watts.” – Luisa S., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Luisa, we love how real this review is. It’s a case that isn’t uncommon either, as we’ve helped a high number of Fontana residents (and people from Watts) get affordable coverage. In this case, Luisa was none too pleased about the figures being thrown around by the “other guys”, but fortunately we were able to find a rate she was confident about. Thanks again, Louisa!

“You Were Very Helpful For Me And My Family”

“Went to have a quote for my auto insurance, I had currently another company at the moment, I was paying with my prior company $295.00 every month for my 2 cars on full coverage, I was paying that for over a year thinking that was the lowest possible for myself, after that redline insurance services check for any better rate for myself, they found me a monthly payment for $170.00 with a different company plus they make feel like at home when I was at their office, thanks you guys, you were very helpful for me and my family. I definitely recommend this place!!!” – Oscar M., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Oscar, it’s our pleasure to assist you and your family. As unfortunate as it is, Oscar’s situation is all-too-commonplace. People simply don’t know where to turn for help when it comes to finding them a better auto insurance rate. In Oscar’s case we were able to save him over $100 every month! These are the kinds of savings we can help people with. Thanks again, Oscar!

“They are very helpful at Red line I got insurance for my new car they found me the lowest monthly payment Glad I called them.” – Aurelio Sanchez, Five Stars, Google Reviews

Aurelio, we appreciate your business, five stars, and kind words. Aurelio’s words are short and sweet; we helped him get the lowest monthly rate possible! If you are ready to learn more and get your free quote, contact us today!